DN-6477 Beeline DOUBLE NOVEL


Beeline DOUBLE NOVEL : DN-6477
1981 : Original Cover Price: $3.25
First Line(s)

Candy's First Taste Of Desire by Mae Belater
The man stared intently at the beautiful, luscious blonde walking ahead of him. Her sensuous hips were not full, yet they did stretch the flimsy material of the brief shorts she wore. Her bare back, covered only by a string of the halter she had on, was tanned a deep mahogany color, and he could visualize her stretched out on the sand at a beach, with the hot rays of the sun caressing her lithe, desirable body. He could even imagine himself applying lotion to her brown back, caressing her slowly and completely. Down over the swell of her buttocks, on downward to her sculptured legs, slowly, and so softly, feeling the heat of her warm skin under his palms.

Karen's Yen For Men by Top O'Mecock
"I'm going for a ride, Mom."

Julie Hanley finished putting the last saucer in the automatic dishwasher before looking up to appraise her daughter, Karen. At nineteen, the girl already had a figure which most older women envied, and in a white blouse and freshly pressed jodhpurs, the girl was a picture of healthy sensuality. Quite obviously, Karen had done more than learn about horses during her twelvemonth stay in England.

VG- Condition
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AB-0465 Swap '69 by Curt Aldrich (EB)
Swap '69
Curt Aldrich

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